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GLEON 10 Meeting

10-14 May 2010 Torres, RS, Brazil

GLEON 10 Presentation (PDF)
from our host, David da Motta Marques

How did we do? Was the GLEON 10 meeting what you hoped for? Before you leave the meeting, please share your comments by taking the Feedback Survey for the GLEON 10 Meeting. (Survey closes May 25, 2010.)

Check out the news articles about GLEON 10 on the GLEON in the News page!

» Registration

GLEON 10 Registration Form
*Registration closes after April 1, 2010*


» Program 

Agenda (PDF)

GLEON Working Groups

GLEON 10 Participants (PDF)

Cool Things Oral Presentations (PDF)

Cool Things Poster Presentations (PDF)

Student Poster Abstracts (PDF)

Posters and Presentations at GLEON 10

GLEON 10 Discussion Board

GLEON 10 Survey Summary

» Students

List of student participants at GLEON 10 (PDF) - updated 4/30/10

Poster Format for Student Poster Session (DOC) (PDF)

Student Poster Abstracts (PDF)

» Words and Culture

David da Motta Marques listed a few common Portuguese words and things to know about Brazilian culture to help us get around in Brazil. (PDF) (Word)
Obrigado, David! 

Also, check out these Brazilian Etiquette Tips if you would like to blend in with the locals!

» Visiting Porto Alegre and Rio Grande do Sul

If you have free time while in Porto Alegre ("happy harbor"), you may want to explore some of the many things to do in the area. The tripadvisor web site offers some ideas. Hotels in Porto Alegre are listed on booking.com. Additional hotels in the Rio Grand do Sul area may also be found at booking.com. The State Tourism Office of Rio Grand do Sul has suggestions of what to do while visiting, too.

» Travel - Visas

If you plan on joining us at GLEON 10, you need to check passport/visa requirements as soon as possible. It may take several weeks - even months - to obtain the documents required for your travel.

For all U.S. citizens, a passport and visa are required. See the U.S. Department of State and the Brazilian Embassy web sites for more information.

The NY consulate will not process Visa application by mail. If you are in a state that is served by the NY consulate you have two choices

1)Make to trips to the consulate in NYC to drop off and pick up your application.

2)Use a visa processing service which charges another $50 to do this for you. These can be found on the internet.

For all non U.S. citzens, check to see if a visa is required to enter Brazil at the following link http://www.brazilconsulatechicago.org/en-2-10-102.htm

When applying for your visa and filling out immigration forms please use the following location -
Hotel Name: Guarita Park Hotel
Address: Av. Alfiero Zandardi 1017
State: Select "RS" or Rio Grande do Sul
Zip Code: 95560-000
Hotel Phone Number: 51 3364-5200
E-Mail: reservas@guaritaparkhotel.com.br
Website: http://www.guaritaparkhotel.com.br/

» Travel - Weather Forecast

To see the current weather forecast for Torres, Brazil, please see freemeteo.com. (Pack an umbrella.)

» Travel - Currency Exchange

You should try to exchange currency prior to your arrival because it is limited in Torres. However, if you need to exchange money while in Torres, this is the place to do it:

LMR Turismo e Cambio
Av. Barao do Rio Branco, 117, sala 04 Torres
Tel: 55-51-3664-3877

Also, you may use a major credit card at these ATM machines to get cash:

Banco do Brasil

ATM: 06:00-22:00.




ATM: 06:00-22:00.


» Travel - Bus Transportation

Directions on how to get from Porto Alegre to Torres (PDF) (Word)

Shuttle Arrival Schedule (PDF) - updated 5/7/10
Shuttle Departure Schedule (PDF) - updated 5/7/10

Porto Alegre - Torres Public Bus Schedule (PDF) (Word)

» Travel - Reimbursement

Travel/Reimbursment FAQ Sheet (PDF)
Instructions for Seeking Travel Reimbursement
Wire Transfer Form (XLS) and Instructions
Non UW Employee Travel Expense Scratch Sheet (DOC)

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